MODembed is an experimental IDE aiming to provide a more advanced toolchain for embedded software development. It provides a model-based approach for defining the whole compilation process. The project aims to create a full-featured IDE which can support every aspect of an embedded system design using a model-based approach.


Model-based approach

Based on Eclipse Modeling Framework, everything is described by EMF models

ANT integration

Compilation process is controled by ANT

Architecture-independent toolchain

The target architecture is described by a model, all tools are designed to be fully independent of the target

Reverse engineering

Tools to support disassembling programs are included

Included libraries

Architecture models and libraries are available for Microchip's PIC enchanced midrange (PIC16e) and high-end (PIC18) microcontrollers. Experimental support is started for MSP430 devices.

Free and open-source

MODembed is a personal hobby project, released under the Eclpse Public License v1.0.

Current versions

MODembed continous integration builds are available to install as P2 update sites. Master branch builds can be installed through Eclipse Marketplace.

Master branch (0.8.1)

Development branch